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Part Number/Application List – Mazda Models 

Vehicle release date Engine description Engine capacity Fuel  Fitment side (from seated internal view) Safari  
Part Number
08/11 Onwards 3.2Litre-5Cyl D RHS SS985HF
Now Available
1/07 - 2011 3.0Litre-I4 D LHS SS965HF
1/99 to 1/07 2.5Litre-I4 D LHS SS960HF
Mark 6
1/92 to 1/99 2.5Litre-I4 D LHS SS950HF
Mark 5
1/85 to 1/92 G6-14 2.6Litre-I4 P LHS SS900HF



Please note: all model fitments are verified to suit right hand drive Australian specification vehicle releases. Dates refer to Australian vehicle release dates. Variations in engine size and air filter housing specifications may apply in other markets. If in doubt as to product suitability please forward a photograph of engine bay and body at ¾ frontal position.