Safari Intercooler Systems

From the Amazon to the Andies - from the Kalahari to the Kimberley - from the Sahara to the Simpson, four wheel drivers the world over have put their trust in the genuine Safari Intercooler System.

With a massive 50% reduction in air temperature, Safari Intercooler Systems deliver lower exhaust temperatures as well as lower engine temperatures, more power and torque, better fuel consumption with improved engine durability and greater performance in high ambient temperatures.  

Importantly, the Safari intercooler uses the latest in super tough Bar and Plate core technology with internal finning, rather than low cost off the shelf tube and fin. Other than the fact that the Safari intercooler core boasts the highest flow and greatest temperature reduction, the bar and plate construction results in an inherently strong intercooler core, able to withstand a lifetime of bone jarring corrugations and delivers a huge level of thermal inertia.

The advantage here for the off-road enthusiast is that with the core's high thermal inertia, massive reserves of cooling capacity are available in situations where ambient air flow over the intercooler core is low. So, after tackling an obstacle such as a steep sand dune or monster rocky hill, there is plenty of intercooler capacity to go with full power at your disposal - rather than forsaking power with a tube and fin construction core that becomes heat soaked during the initial burst.

The reality of intercooler excellence in terms of performance equals:

  • Largest intercooler surface area possible
  • Optimal intercooler internal passage volume
  • Lowest possible pressure drop
  • Highest possible intercooler core efficiency
  • Matched to the turbocharger air delivery in lb/min

In other words the greatest possible charge air temperature reduction with the lowest possible pressure loss at the rated flow of the turbocharger.

Best of all, custom kevlar reinforced rubber air ducts, advanced alloy castings, specialized high flow - even distribution end tanks and the highest quality fittings ensures optimum performance with unsurpassed reliability and longevity under extreme operating conditions. 

Safari have 30 years experience in the forced induction industry and have world class design and manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of Intercooler Systems predominantly for diesel powered light commercial / 4WD / recreational vehicles.

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